Peace of Mind

The eButton gives peace of mind to carers, parents and employers.

Help When You Need It

One click sends a message to your help contact list. There is no limit on the number of people you may have on your list. eButton will contact the first person on your list and wait for a response. If there is no response in the designated time, eButton will automatically contact the next person on your list until a help contact is made. The contact list is easy to adjust.

Discreet and Discrete

The eButton is light weight and has a sleek design. It is small enough to be worn undetected and there is no need to touch your phone to call help.

Easy to Use

The eButton is simple and intuitive to use. The eButton runs on coin cell batteries (much like a watch) which should last over a year, so there is no need to constantly recharge your eButton.

One-off Low Payment

No ongoing fees – just a once off purchase and you own an eButton


The location of the person needing assistance is sent to the help contact so they can easily come to their aid. The location is updated if the person needing help moves.


The eButton works where your mobile works with a range of up to 15 meters from your phone.


45 Day Money Back Guarantee! 
If you’re not happy with eButton, simply return it for a full refund!

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