Real-estate agents are using eButton to protect their most valuable asset, their staff. Being early adopters of new technology, Real-estate principles are some of the most enthusiastic supporters of the sleek new eButton.

Unfortunately real-estate agents operate in the dangerous situations. They have been threatened, assaulted and worse in the course of their normal work activities. Selling real-estate is often a solitary profession that involves escorting virtual strangers into sometimes vacant properties.

The statistics coming out of the US are particularly disturbing. In 2011 in America alone seven real-estate agents were murdered while on the job and over 150 were sexually assaulted. The 2011 realtor Safety report found little pattern to the attacks with a surprising 30% of attacks being against males. Equally as surprising was the fact that location demographics did not seem a mitigating factor and more assaults occurred in the afternoon rather than the evening.

The real-estate agent out-of-office safety report (Click on link to download) developed by work safe Victoria in conjunction with the real-estate institute of Victoria (REIV), recommends a personal safety device be made available to all employees as part of a principle’s work place health and safety (WHS) obligations.

The eButton now offers a low cost highly effective device to improve staff safety. The sleek designed eButton sit discreetly on the agent’s person. The agent can push the button quickly and discreetly without alerting the attacker that help has been contacted. Their smart phone then sends a text message via the eButton app to their contact help list. The message also contains the GPS location of the person in need of help. The location is updated if the person moves.

There is no need to touch your phone. The eButton works within a 15 meter radius of your phone.

The eButton should be used in conjunction with a range of other safety measures. See Real-estate Agent safety tips for more information.

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