Seniors Medical Alert, seniors are using the eButton to improve their personal safety and gain vital freedom and mobility. Other personal safety devices such as vital call are hard wired to the home. Therefore the user is locked to an isolated home lifestyle.

The eButton allows the user to walk, visit friends, shop, golf, hang glide … whatever…whilst knowing help is only one click away. The eButton is discrete and stylish so no one knows it is there until it is needed. The eButton works where your mobile works. One click calls help from your emergency help list via the eButton app on your smart phone.

The eButton is very easy to use and understand. It gives you the freedom to live a social life with the peace of mind that help is at hand should a fall or other emergency occur. The App lets your loved ones know you need help and where you are.

Another great thing about the eButton is that there are no ongoing fees. The eButton is a once off low cost purchase which offers continual protection without continual costs. There maybe costs associated with your mobile phone.

The eButton is powered by a coin cell battery (much like a watch) which should last over a year under normal conditions. So there is no need to keep charging you eButton. You will, of course, need to keep your smart phone charged. You will need to be doing that anyway for when the kids call needing your help.

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